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Zombies vs Brains icon
Zombies love brains, but the brain hates zombies. Crash hordes of zombies using various weapons and power-ups to stop the brains of evil.
Mine Caves icon
Pixel-style remake of our game Ninja Miner. Explore the lost mine and try to find all precious gems!
Ninja Miner 2 icon
He slices! He dices! He... mines? Tag along with the crazy ninja on another treasure-filled adventure.
Cyber Chaser icon
The game combines the exciting gameplay of Joyride Jetpack and insane old-school action of Contra. Unlimited fun is waiting for you!
Ninja Miner icon
Ninja have never been... mining! Explore the lost mine and manage your Ninja to get precious gems!
Icy Gifts 2 icon
Christmas is in danger! Santa and all gifts is frozen. Blow up the ice using various weapons and power-ups to save Santa and Christmas! Enjoy!
Ninja Painter 2 icon
Ninjas have never been... painting! Prepare for a fast-paced colourful adventure!
Icy Fishes icon
A fun chain reaction game with strategic system. Help the octopus to rescue fishes from ice floes to... eat them.
Mushroom Madness 3 icon
Defend more mushrooms from hungry animals. Now with 300% more enemies, weapons, explosions and fun! Be careful because The Hedgehog King is watching you...
Prizma Puzzle Challenges icon
Prizma Puzzle Challenges is a new tile-based puzzler with the smooth and addicting gameplay, the fabulously 3D rendered graphics and excellent music. 40 levels and a lot of achievements!
The Bee Way icon
The Bee Way is a bright logic and skill game about hard-working bees. Help the bees to fill all beehive cells with honey. 35 beehives, many achievements and quests await you.
Granny Strikes Back icon
An epic shooter with time management, tower defence and RPG elements. Complete 50 missions and 100 unique quests to gain all achievements and unlock more exciting challenges!
Ninja Painter icon
Ninja Painter is an amusing and colourful arcade game with addicting gameplay. Paint the walls through 30 levels and try to get all the achievements!
Flying Candy icon
An extremely addictive chain reaction game with deep upgrade system and a lot of achievements. "Flying Candy" is sequel to popular "Icy Gifts". More bombs, more chains, more fun!
Icy Gifts icon
A chain reaction game with extremely addictive gameplay, upgrade system and a lot of achievements to earn.
Prizma Puzzle 3 icon
A third part of popular sci-fi flash game "Prizma Puzzle". Now with achievements!
Mushroom Madness 2 icon
An extremely addictive arcade shooter. Protect your mushrooms from the onslaught of hungry animals. More weapons, more animals, more fun!
Prizma Puzzle 2 icon
An addictive and challenging sci-fi chain-reaction puzzle game with 40 mind-breaking levels.Sequel of popular flash game "Prizma Puzzle". More levels, more challenges and more fun!
Magic Factory icon
A wonderful spot-the-differences game with jig-saw puzzle game elements. Find the differences and put puzzles together. Receive all achievements to get a prize!
Searching tor the Truth icon
This next generation hidden object game is about the exciting adventures of the detective Kenneth and his female partner Emily. Be fascinated while playing all 27 exciting levels.
Mushroom Madness icon
An arcade shooter where the player is to protect mushroom glades from hungry beasts using various weapons. Adventure mode with 20 missions, five mini-games and Survival.
Princess on the Pea icon
A great spot-the-differences game with hidden-object game elements. The story tells of a prince who wants to marry a REAL princess. Find all differences and gold peas to unlock all bonuses!
The Brave Kitten icon
Spot-the-differences fairy tale game with hidden-objects. Go through 10 lively levels with 100 differences and try find all eight hidden pieces of a photo to get a special reward.
Prizma Puzzle icon
An addictive sci-fi chainreaction puzzle game. Features 28 cleverly designed levels, 3D graphics, challenging achievement system and adjustable interface.

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