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Lost Snowmen Mobile icon
Explore an enemy planet and eliminate threats to the safety and well-being of your home world. Smartphones and Android TV supported. Any gamepads and remotes can be used.
Bee Factory icon
Welcome to the most exciting Bee idle game! Are you ready to manage your own factory and become the richest man alive?
Country Craft icon
Develop the economy of your village by harvesting resources and producing and selling goods.
City Carrier icon
Build and supply your dream city in this casual idle game.
Pocket Army icon
Gather an army of hundreds of units and challenge the enemy! Unlock new types of infantry and equipment, build your own base, do research and improvements, destroy enemy units and base.
Farm Factory icon
Welcome to the most exciting Farm idle game! Are you ready to manage your own farm factory and become the richest man alive?
Ski Station icon
Manage your ski stations! Upgrade your machines, welcome more customers and become the richest manager alive!
Bee Merger icon
Merge bees, make them collect honey, earn money and manage your bee hive.
Parachute icon
Improve your runway and planes, attract more paragliders and get lots of money!
Bee IO icon
Fill honeycombs more honey and faster than other bees. Collect power ups to grow and upgrade your hive.
Balloon Trip icon
Clear the path for your balloon as it makes its way up! Collect coins to upgrade your abilities as you fly up high in the sky.
Rocket Flip icon
Strap in and flip your way through space. Time your flips just right for maximum height in this super addicting rocket game.
Tunnel Trip icon
Travel through the endless tunnel at crazy high speeds! Avoid obstacles and collect gems in order to unlock all of the different balls.
Hex Blaster icon
Take aim and blast all of the shapes! Collect power-ups as you go and unlock special abilities. Complete tasks and unlock new skins as you progress though the game.
Pucks 2048 icon
Shoot the pucks into the air as you try to merge them together until you reach 2048! This is a fun twist to the classic 2048 merging game that involves cool physics.
2-bit Jump icon
2-bit Jump is a game about reflex and timing. Tap to jump and make your way up, breaking barriers, and collecting gems along the way.
Flippy icon
Run, flip and speed up! Avoid spikes and try to overtake as many runners as possible. Complete missions, unlock new runners and challenge your friends.
Dashy Dashers icon
Tap to dash through tight spaces and obstacles. Pick up power-ups, collect all of the gems, complete quests and unlock the full cast of Dashy Dashers!
Boundland icon
Boundland is a fun drag-and-release game where you navigate your multi-shaped character through lots of dark levels and scary boss fights.
Busted Brakes icon
Your brakes are busted! Argh, It's bad news. Try to drive through the city without hitting buildings and vehicles. Although if you are tank driver, why not?
Whack Them All Mobile icon
Tap all the balls before they become angry! The faster you move, the better your score. Tap super balls to use weapons: bombs, lasers, tesla, missiles and even nuclear explosion.
Save the Princess Mobile icon
The princess has been turned into a frog, and the prince needs to bring her a magic potion to turn her back to normal.
Flappy Eros Mobile icon
Flap the little wings of the Eros and try to save St. Valentine's Day! Collect hearts and different equipments to protect yourself during the journey!
Slice Ballz Mobile icon
Choose your blade and get ready for an unstoppable, breathtaking, epic frenzy! Slice funny ballz by your finger in this fun and juicy game.
Epic Ice Cream Mobile icon
Catch ice cream scoops and build the most epic ice cream in the universe! Endless gameplay, a lot of achievements and unlimited fun!
Fishy Rush Mobile icon
An extremely addictive and challenging adventure across the underwater world! Collect coins, catch power ups, perform quests and buy upgrades.
Ninja Miner Mobile icon
Ninjas are not well known for mining! But now it's time to use famous ninja skills for collecting precious gems! There are 64 challenging levels for you to solve.
Ninja Painter for Android icon
Over 20 million times original Ninja Painter game was played on Flash and now its time to get this great experience on your Android phone. Enjoy!

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